Who We Are

The company’s expertise is based on the experience in international fuel trading and commodities procurement. While most companies focus only on profits and their IRR (Internal Rate of Returns), we also focus on our own type of IRR of Integrity, Respect and Reputation. Our objective is to achieve this without losing the focus on creating opportunities and value for our customers, partner companies, employees and the communities in which we operate.


Our mission is to be the example within the fuel trading and commodities industry for providing quality service with uncompromised ethics, honesty and integrity.


  • A proven and reliable source within the fuel and commodities trading industry in supplying our customer base
  • Dedicated and direct proven sources of commodities and petroleum products from sources


  • Dedicated customer service
  • Reliable supply chain network
  • Integrity and Ethics




Humanitarian Efforts

Acacia Energy Group is proud to fund The Acacia Humanitarian Trust as part of our humanitarian efforts. The Trust is used to finance efforts and projects related to health care, education, community improvements and business incubators for entrepreneurs and job creation. Charitable projects are funded totally on needs basis and done so without consideration to religion, politics, or ethnicity. For more information click here.