In order to complement its trading operations, Acacia Energy Group strategically invests in the downstream assets worldwide.

Acacia maintains global asset portfolio including terminals, refineries and storage facilities. This business model enables Acacia to gain more control over the sourcing and distribution parts of its trading business, and to diversify income streams and strengthen competitive position.

Furthermore, it allows Acacia to expand its current supply relationships with customers and create the platform for expansion into other product offerings to the public.


Acacia controls terminal storage in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and is in the process of acquiring additional terminal storage assets in the U.S. Gulf Coast and Central America.


Acacia has entered into agreements with storage groups to develop tank terminal operations for its product lines in the United States, Central America and Western Europe.


Acacia Energy Group has direct source allocations from refineries in Saudi Arabia, Russia and JV partnerships worldwide, 
thus being able to provide Gasoline, Jet Fuels, Diesel, ULSD, Heating Oil, Naphtha, LNG, LPG, Mazut, Fuel Oils and other refined petroleum products.

Furthermore, Acacia is in the process of acquiring refinery assets in the United States, Central America and Western Europe.




Humanitarian Efforts

Acacia Energy Group is proud to fund The Acacia Humanitarian Trust as part of our humanitarian efforts. The Trust is used to finance efforts and projects related to health care, education, community improvements and business incubators for entrepreneurs and job creation. Charitable projects are funded totally on needs basis and done so without consideration to religion, politics, or ethnicity.