Petroleum Products

We operate in different capacities in our fuel trading including direct allocation holders with refineries in the Russian Federation as direct titleholders, as well as JV Partners. On certain occasions when requested by a third party, we will act as mandates, both buyer and seller.

Fuels, Energy and petroleum products:

  • Gasoil diesel types D2 and D6
  • Aviation kerosene types JP54, Jet A, Jet A-1, and JP8
  • Mazut (M100-75 and M100-99)
  • Fuel oil types Cst180, Cst280, and Cst380
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Liquefied Propane Gas (LPG)
  • Bitumen
  • Crude Oils (SLCO/Basra Light/BLCO)
  • Coal (Steam/PET/Coking)

Based on the refinery methods and efficiencies, a 42 gallon barrel of crude oil can actually produce approximately 45 gallons of refined petroleum products. 

About 47% of all crude oil is refined into automobile gasoline. Below is the breakdown of the refined products from one barrel of crude oil:

Product Refined output
Gasoline 47%
Heating Oil/Diesel Fuel 20%
Jet Fuel (Kerosene) 8%
Propane/Propylene 6%
Natural Gas Liquids &  Liquid Refinery Gases 6%
Still Gas 4%
Petrochemical Feedstocks 2%
Petroleum Coke 2%
Residual/Heavy Fuel Oil 2%
Asphalt and Road Oil 2%
Lubricants 1%
Miscellaneous Products 0.40%
Other Liquids 0.40%
Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS) 0.10%
Special Napthas 0.04%
Waxes 0.02%
Kerosene 0.02%

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Humanitarian Efforts

The Acacia Energy & Commodities Group is proud to fund The Acacia Humanitarian Trust as part of our humanitarian efforts. The Trust is used to finance efforts and projects related to health care, education, community improvements and business incubators for entrepreneurs and job creation. Charitable projects are funded totally on needs basis and done so without consideration to religion, politics, or ethnicity.